Custom Inlaid Displays for Doctors and Dentists

Custom Inlaid Displays

With over a decade providing IT solutions to doctors and dentists, OverBytes is the IT partner you can count on for all of your IT concerns. The systems we service range from Audio/Visual Equipment Systems, In-Wall and In-Ceiling Displays, and up to Alarm Systems and Security Camera Systems. When it comes to custom IT solutions for doctors and dentists, you should look to hire a trusted Houston IT solutions expert with a proven track record such as OverBytes.

Many healthcare facilities require the installation of custom in-wall and in-ceiling displays for their daily operations. These can be facilities that would like to prioritize the comfort and entertainment of their patients during their waiting time. In-ceiling displays are perfect for patients of dental clinics to entertain themselves. With a mobile camera combined with an in-ceiling display, it also becomes simple for a patient to see what the dentists are working on. 

Custom In-Wall and In-Ceiling Displays Our Houston IT Solutions Experts Can Install for Your Dental and Medical Practice

In-wall and in-ceiling displays are types of video displays that are installed flush with the surface of a wall or a ceiling. That is to say, these displays are not protruding from the surfaces where they are installed. Aside from aesthetic considerations, the flush feature of said displays are advantageous for medical and dental facilities that are looking to maximize every square foot of rented space. In-wall and in-ceiling displays can be LED or LCD screens and can be controlled remotely using a connected computer or a controller.

When it comes to in-wall displays, our Houston IT solutions experts order pre-made screens and install them when the walls are built. For in-ceiling displays, you have the option to procure built to order dimensions based on your needs.

Benefits of In-Wall and In-Ceiling Displays According to Our Experienced Houston IT Solutions Experts

With over ten years of experience offering Houston IT Solutions for doctors, our IT experts have identified the following benefits that our alarm systems can afford your business.

  • Improved ambiance – Nothing can compete with in-wall and in-ceiling displays when it comes to improving a room’s ambiance and overall feel. Compared to bulky televisions, in-wall and in-ceiling displays look more sophisticated and well thought out.
  • Highly functional and multi-purpose – In-wall and in-ceiling displays have multiple uses. They can display movies for your patients’ entertainment, run your videos for advertisement, or display artworks to complement your rooms’ design. The possibilities are endless.
  • Education – In-wall and in-ceiling displays can be used to walk your patients through a procedure that is quite hard to explain without audio and visual aids.
  • Maximizes space – Since in-wall and in-ceiling displays are installed flush in your wall or ceiling, they do not take extra space. This is especially significant for facilities built in commercial areas that are looking to make the most out of their expensive floor area.
  • Highly customizable - You can choose from a lot of specifications from ready-made screens when it comes to our in-wall displays. As mentioned above, our in-ceiling displays can be built according to any specifications you want.

For Your In-Wall and In-Ceiling Display Needs, Work Only with The Houston IT Solutions Experts of OverBytes

OverBytes began as a company looking to solve IT-related problems for doctors and dentists. With over a decade of experience, our Houston IT solutions experts have familiarized themselves with your specific needs. We know what it takes to make doctors and dentists successful. Get your practice up and running with OverBytes. If you are looking for a stress-free experience to your IT-related concerns, look no further than OverBytes. We can assess your full system and get it up-to-date and compliant with relevant standards. Call us now for a free consultation.

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When our work is done, you will be educated on your entire system, be 100% secure as long as you follow our advice, and rest assured that you can turn to us whenever you need us. We look forward to being your trusted IT partner.