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Access Control

Access Control Systems Our Houston IT Solutions Experts Can Install for Your Dental and Medical Practice

Access controls are systems and protocols that are in place to regulate and monitor access to a healthcare facility, building, or any other physical location. These controls traditionally refer to manual security measures such as locked doors, identification cards, security guards, and metal detectors, among others. However, advancement in technology introduced card readers, keypad access controls, biometric scanners (thumb print, facial recognition, iris), and even remote access controls (online access control, push button access controls, among others). Said advancements allowed for streamlining of access control systems which resulted in greater security coverage without requiring more manpower.

Why Doctors Should Install Access Control Systems

  • Security – This is the primary benefit of installing a sound access control system. By preventing unauthorized access to your healthcare facility, overall security for your doctors and dentists, staff, patients, and all equipment housed within your facility are improved. Access control systems can be integrated with your existing security camera systems to provide a more comprehensive security solution.
  • Accountability – Access control systems—especially those designed to only offer select individuals access to specific secure areas—can track and record who enters and exits a specific area of your facility at any given time, providing you a log of activity for security and compliance purposes.
  • HIPAA and HITECH Compliance - Your access control system plays a major role in HIPAA compliance when it comes to regulating physical or electronic access to Patient Health Information only to those individuals who have a legitimate need to view our use it, as outlined under HIPAA and HITECH guidelines. This way, you are assured that your access control system complements other parallel efforts to comply with HIPAA and HITECH.
  • Convenience – Access control systems that consider your staff routines and patient traffic can provide a more convenient way for authorized users to enter or exit your facility.
  • Flexibility – Access control systems are highly customizable and can be set up by Houston IT Solutions experts based on the specific needs of your medical or dental facility. This trait also means that your current access control system can be easily tweaked should there be expansions or renovations on your medical or dental facilities.
  • Automation – Access control systems can automate many security functions required in your medical or dental facility, such as granting or denying access based on different criteria, which can save you time and resources. Access control systems operating in conjunction with a well-designed security camera system can further compound your savings on time and staff.

Our Houston IT Solutions Experts Meet Your Access Control System Needs

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