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IT Precautions if Leaving Office for a Long Period of Time

Here are some IT precautions to take if you're leaving the office for an extended period of time:
First and foremost, do a backup of your data on server. If local, follow the steps you normally take to do daily backup. If you are on off-site backup with Over-Bytes, LLC this is already being done remotely and will continue to do so as long as your server remains powered on and connected to the internet.
Leave only mission critical machines on for remote connection while away from office. (shut down all other machines that will not be in use for the time being to save on overall PC life and to prevent damage from power outages or surges in your area while away.)
Make sure that the server closet or area where your data is being stored is locked and secured.
If your AC system is going to be shut down for the time being it may be best for you to shut down server in closet as to prevent damage of overheating while away.
Unplug any digital x-ray equipment that is not in use i.e. Panorex, CBCT, Scanx, Digital sensors, etc.
Set security alarms and test to make sure video surveillance is accessible.
We are here to help at Over-Bytes IT Solutions and are available by phone and in person for emergencies. Do not hesitate to give us a call if you need help with any of these steps. As always be safe out there.

Russ Lyon
OverBytes, LLC

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